Sunday, February 8, 2009

Laughter - It Does a Body Good

Our good friend Marcia had been suffering from rheumatoid arthritis for many years. Recently, she was informed that the drugs meant to help her had taken a terrible toll on her kidneys. She goes to the hospital for lots of tests.

While talking to her on the phone one day, she asked Marty to create a design that would liven the situation and give the staff a good laugh at the same time. The result was Maria's Giggle. The moment the hosptial staff saw the design they started laughing and the tension of the atmosphere immediately disappeared. Marcia reported that people were smiling, giggling, snickering and all-in-all just in a more relaxed and joyful attitude.

Everyone who has seen the design claim that it represents a multitude of illnesses that the women in their families have under gone. Face it ladies, we all have to be heroes and super fighters to win our personal battles.

We believe that Marcia's Giggle, as tacky as it is, still will inspire laughter and faith in one's strenght in whatever battle we have to fight.

Marcia's Giggle (M-147) is so new that we do not have a picture to show you. As soon as we have a photo, we will add it to this blog and our website

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Frogs - The West Side Pond Story

I think my favorite is the story of Di's frogs. Who would ever think that a simple country pond would have so much drama!!!

On a lilly pad far, far, away, lived a beautiful Frog Princess. She had a taste for excitement and danger. She started dating the Warlock Frog apprentice named Henley. They dated for a long, long time. One day, she got tired of being his guinea pig with all of the spells he was learning. After all, how many times can a princess take being turned into various household items!

One day, she meet the warlock's brother - Frog Prince. The Frog Princess fell head-over-heels for the grogous Frog Prince. She ditched "magic boy" and shortly thereafter married the Prince who truly knew how to treat a Princess.

And they lived happily ever after .......

You can meet the Frog Princess, Frog Prince and Henley the Frog Warlock at

The canvases mentioned above are as follows:
Frog Princess (FRG-102)
Frog Prince (FRG-101)
Henley Frog Warlock (FRG-100)
Lilly Frog Bride (FRG-104)

The Story Behind the Canvas

This part of the Gimmies blog has been setup in order to share the stories behind each of our needlepoint characters.

A number of canvases were created by my good and dear friend Di of Hiller Productions. Many of the canvases, however, were created out of my own imagination. That is what happens when you spend a lot of time alone in a studio.

It is our deepest wish that you enjoy the stories and we encourage you to share them with your stitching buddies, friends and aquaintances. Please feel free to contact us.